A Gathering of Minds to Envision the World We Want

About the event


About the gatherings

The Sanders Institute Gatherings convene leaders from across the country and around the world to articulate a vision for the future and to implement that vision on a local, statewide, national and international basis.

Thought leaders and elected officials come together at the Gatherings to seriously discuss significant issues with these stated purposes in mind:

• Share replicable policies, legislation and successes
• Develop and clearly articulate innovative, bold solutions and actionable steps Establish a global network of the leading minds and actors in the progressive movement
• Develop a shared understanding of a progressive agenda for the future
• Broadly disseminate the resulting ideas, actions and solutions
• Shift the framework of the debate in a more forward-thinking direction.

The Gatherings go beyond analysis, statistics and underlying issues to establish a progressive plan of action for the future on economic, environmental, racial and social justice issues.

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