Set in Burlington Vermont, the core intent of the Sanders Institute Gathering is to share replicable policies, develop actionable steps, establish ongoing networks and articulate a progressive vision.

About the event


BURLINGTON, VT + November 29 - December 1, 2018

Economic, environmental, racial and social justice issues will be threaded throughout the conference as we discuss the climate crisis, healthcare, housing, democracy, foreign policy, criminal justice, labor issues and more.

The Gathering is an informative, issue-oriented, idea-focused, movement-building conference focused on developing bold, progressive solutions. Following the event, we will be sharing the speeches, interviews, conversations and sessions in a variety of formats.

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National Nurses Nnited
Our Revolution
Healthy Housing Foundation

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Thursday, Nov 29th

ECHO Center for Lake Champlain, 1 College Street, Burlington VT
5:00 pm
Welcome Reception
Presentation by Simon Sinek
Keynote by Senator Bernie Sanders

Friday, Nov 30th

Main Street Landing, 60 Lake Street, Burlington VT
9:00 am
9:30 am
How We Win Medicare for All
11:00 am
M4A - I like it! How do we pay for it?
1:00 pm
The Climate Crisis & the Green New Deal
3:00 pm
Criminal Injustice
4:15 pm
International Round Table
8:00 pm
Short Takes: Ideas Into Action

Saturday, Dec 1st

Main Street Landing, 60 Lake Street, Burlington VT
9:00 am
Civil Rights, Immigration & Human Dignity
10:00 am
The Labor Movement: Essential to Democracy
11:00 am
On The Frontlines: A Mayor's Roundtable
1:00 pm
The Housing Crisis in America
2:15 pm
Puerto Rico - Austerity or a Green New Deal
3:15 pm
Moving Forward
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Venue Location
The Sanders Institute Gathering will take place at the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center at 60 Lake Street, on the edge of Lake Champlain, in Burlington, VT and is within one block of our participating hotels.

Hotel Accommodations

The Sanders Institute has secured rooms at special conference rates at the following hotels. All hotels are one block from each other and the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center.